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Omaha, NE. – Shonka’s Students Help Bellevue Move Toward Solar

Former students of Solar Heat and Electric’s owner, Michael Shonka, are helping design a community solar project that will sit on two landfill sites in Bellevue, Nebraska. The system – which will cost approximately $10.2 million – will produce 8.17 Gwh of power annually.

The students are enrolled in a Technology program at Creighton University that emphasizes innovation, community partnerships and hands-on experience. Shonka was their first instructor at Creighton and has 30 years of experience in solar.

The Solar project requires $10 million in financing and close collaboration with OPPd and the city of Bellevue.
“Solar technology is supposed to be a catalyst for community activism.” Shonka said. “This project demonstrates how it can all come together to save money and improve quality of life.”

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