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We were nervous about our solar investment, but Solar Heat and Electric handled everything with great foresight and consideration. The installation went well and today our energy bills are much less.

– Jonathan and Susie R

We’ve moved forward because we believe solar energy is the right thing to do. Solar Heat and Electric is well known and they lived up to their reputation.

– Howard P

I’ve always believed in renewable energy, but was concerned about cost. I was pleasantly surprised when Solar Heat and Electric showed me the latest prices. It’s the best decision for me and my wife.

– Richard T

I was raised to be self reliant as possible. That’s hard when living in a city, but Solar Heat and Electric made this principle a reality for us. Great job!

– Joseph and Barbie H

Homeowners Poised for Solar Success

As a homeowner with a conscience and an independent perspective, you already know that electricity powered by sunlight is a clean alternative to electricity generated by burning coal.

A recent breakthrough: the price of solar technology has dropped dramatically due to global competition and government tax incentives. You can truly make an environmental difference while curbing your household’s energy costs.

A trustworthy guide provides a clear path forward.

Solar Heat and Electric has 30 years of hands-on assistance with glass-protected, weatherproof, solar modules, fastened side-by-side on a rack (known as an “array.”) Their educative approach helps homeowners understand the key factors in solar success.

Solar Heat and Electric will help you decide if your system should be “tied to the grid” or be independent of the grid. Or you may choose a hybrid system that enables you to “feed the grid.” Other considerations:

What’s your energy consumption history?

  • Are you planning on adding more electric appliances, an electric car or another person to your household?
  • How much of your household’s energy consumption should you try to supply with solar?
  • What is the billing rate from your local utility?
  • What is the best south-facing area for installation? Roof or ground?

Solar Heat and Electric will help you make these decisions based on 30 years of experience all accross the Upper Midwest. Resourceful and emphathetic, they provide pragmatic strategies for long term success.

Call Solar Heat and Electric today for a free evaluation of your solar potential.