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After 30 Years, He’s Ready to Talk to Your Group

In the age of here-today-gone-tomorrow, 30 years in one industry is a long time. The owner of Solar Heat and Electric, has invested 30 years of his professional life in the quest to earn your trust through reliable education.

As a result of his passionate, persistent vision, he has much to share with your organization. But Shonka’s credibility as an expert and speaker about renewable energy is not based just on hands-on experience. He is skilled in academia as well.

Mr. Shonka serves as an adjunct professor at the following:

  • University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Metropolitan Community College
  • Creighton University
  • Iowa Western Community College

Students of all backgrounds favor Shonka’s classes because they know that solar energy’s day has finally arrived and they will be part of it.

Will you be part of it?

Contact Michael Shonka at Solar Heat and Electric to learn why solar’s future is unfolding now, not tomorrow, here in the Heartland. Your group will enjoy his presentation.

For Event Planners, Solar Speaker Shines

As the cost of energy rises yet again, everyone wants to know more about solar energy. The high profile nature of climate change and renewable energy makes solar even more popular – a perfect speaking topic for group meetings, service clubs and community developers.

Michael Shonka is an excellent choice for event planners that want a timely and credible presenter with a lengthy background . He has been involved in the solar industry for 30 years and has accumulated a robust collection of anecdotes, statistics and insider tips. Plus, he’s likeable and engaging.Prof-Shonka-2

Speaking highlights include:

  • The science behind solar;
  • What solar can do for big and small;
  • The savings and spirit of solar power;
  • The evolution of solar in the Upper Midwest;
  • How the government is involved in solar;
  • Three secrets of solar power that few understand;
  • The true potential of solar energy in your home or business;
  • How rural communities could stabilize their futures by emphasizing solar technology;

In addiition to leading Omaha-based Solar Heat and Electric, Shonka has taught at Creighton University, Metropolitan Community College, UNO and Iowa Western Community College. He is the hands-down expert in solar technology in the Nebraska region, so your group will get the “inside scoop” when he shares his message (usually 25 to 45 minutes, replete with slides).