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Step 1: Pick a sunny spot!
The first step is to make sure the installation of the solar panels takes sun location into consideration. Pick an area of your roof or property to install your solar panels that gets sun for as long as possible each day.

Step 2: Decide which type of installation
Solar panels can be installed on many different types of roofs or ground-mounted on racks and poles. Shingled roofs are the easiest for solar panel installation.

Step 3: Connect your solar panels
Once your solar panels are mounted, a licensed electrician ensures that the new system conforms to local codes and regulations. Finally, a new electrical meter is installed.

Your solar system should now provide you with years of energy savings!


Repair of solar systems is usually preferred rather than removal.

Although there are a wide variety of solar systems installed in the Midwest, components are commonly available for repair or replacement.

The most common problems are sensor failure, followed by blower or pump outage.

A free telephone review is helpful prior to scheduling a site visit.

The most common questions to diagnose the solar system over the phone are:

  • Is this an air or water system?
  • Check to see if there are vents or pipes coming from the collectors.
  • Locate the vents and feel if there is any air coming out of the ceiling vent.
  • If a water system – does the pump make a noise when it comes on?
  • Locate the pump and feel if the pipe are hot near the pump and near the tank.
  • Is there power to the system? Does the controller have a light on?
  • What is the name on the controller?
  • Write down any brand names (also model numbers) on equipment.
  • Locate any documentation about the system
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