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Count on Solar Heat and Electric to Educate in Advance

The costs of generating renewable energy have fallen fast; companies who use solar panels can often achieve breakeven on a five-figure alternative energy investment in six to seven years – especially with 30% tax credits.

After that, your firm’s energy will be virtually free.

This realization is a catalyst for action. When actually purchasing your with Solar Heat and Electric system, consider:

How many kilowatt-hours should our system produce?

Any unusual installation requirements?

Will the installation design shed snow?

Will the system be in compliance with local building codes?

Will installation corrections be needed after inspection?

CFOs Salivate Over Solar: Virtually FREE Electricity for a Decade

If you are a business owner or facilities manager, you can finally “win the energy-savings game.”

Now is the time to take advantage of financial incentives and global price pressures.

Here’s why:

Customers and employees are responding to the climate change issue.

Investors want to keep the brand competitive in the new marketplace.

Energy costs continue to grow despite efforts to “turn off the lights” around your facility.

Solar Heat and Electric can help your management team take advantage of these trends to achieve energy independence; in effect, to produce as much energy as you use by relying on solar technology.

Although it depends on local climate, utility rates and incentives, an investment in solar energy will usually break even in six to seven years. Given equipment life expectancy of 20+ years, you will be generating virtually free electricity for over a decade. Solar Heat and Electric will coordinate the variables in that success formula.

Bonus: Solar systems appreciate over time rather than depreciate as they age. Annual savings increase as electric rates rise (assume 3-5%).

Much of the positive impact depends upon a close relationship with a reputable solar vendor and/or installation team. Solar Heat and Electric has been deeply involved in the industry for 30 years. They can help your team understand:

These considerations flesh out the picture for your management team:

  • how to optimize system performance during installation to provide the best financial payback?
  • should solar panels be mounted on the roof of your facility or on the ground?
  • can we track production to make sure the solar system is generating appropriately?
  • who will evaluate the system components such as PV modules, inverter, etc.?
  • what about electrical codes and regulations?
  • what is the total system cost before and after federal tax credits?

Ask Solar Heat and Electric to help you address these considerations. Their answers will help you reduce your building’s energy load and bolster your organization’s bottom line.